Peter Crouch is not sure if he is still going to be plying his trade on the Football pitch next summer.

The veteran spent the second half of the 2018-19 season representing Burnley, but he arrived at the Turf Moor only till the conclusion of the season and given that he couldn’t do anything extraordinary during his brief stay at the club, it seems unlikely that they would be interested in …

Peter Crouch reaches a new milestone as he scored 100 Premier League goals

Even at the age of 36, Peter Crouch still manages to get regular playing time in the Premier League which is a surprising and impressive for any performer and this is a player who has enjoyed going through top clubs including: Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Southampton just to name a few of the more renowned clubs that Peter Crouch has joined.

In every single one of those previously mentioned clubs, Crouch has managed to scored goals and it has helped the Englishman in reaching his milestone of having found the back of the net on 100 different occasions in Premier League games.

Only 26 players have been able to reach this feat and Peter Crouch carved his named as one of those players on February 1st of 2017 when he helped his team Stoke City secure 1 point against Everton in a match that resulted in a 1-1 draw.

Peter Crouch scored his 100thPremier League goal

Stoke City’s Peter Crouch has made history as he scored his 100th Premier League goal on January 14th after his team faced off with Sunderland in a match that resulted with Stoke City winning the match 3-1.

Peter Crouch is the 26th player that has ever managed to do accomplish this milestone and for a performer that is 35 years old, it’s surprising as well as impressive for somebody with that age range to be not only consistently playing but also writing his name in records of the Premier League.

Mark Hughes is not offloading Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch has not been a regular starter in Stoke City since the season of 2015-16 when his appearances in the main team took a huge dip and he was only able to make 11 appearances for the English club during that season.

The latest season of the Premier League 2016-17 kicked off on August 13 of 2016 and even though there has been a total of 12 league matches played, Peter Crouch has only been able to make 6 appearances as his time with the first team is extremely limited and rare with the English attacker only being able to get playing time for specific matches.

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