Peter Crouch is ready to move on from Stoke City

After having joined Stoke City back on August of 2011, Peter Crouch has went on to make over 130 appearances for the Premier League club but it seems like his time at the Britannia Stadium is reaching it’s end.

The 35 year old player has mostly been spending this current season on the sidelines serving a substitute role and Peter Crouch has voiced his desire to get more playing time which is probably only going to occur if he decides to leave Stoke City and join another club.

Out of the 35 Premier League matches that have been played so far, Peter Crouch has only been featured in 9 of those games and the veteran player voiced his disappointment in what has been an underwhelming season for him.

“I make no bones about it, it has been a frustrating season for me and I’ve not been involved anywhere near as much as I would have liked. What’s frustrating is that I still feel the same as I did four or five years ago, so it has been frustrating that I have not been given the opportunities.I still feel like I’ve got plenty to offer and I know I’m probably not going to start 38 Premier League games, but I do need to play more than I have been.” Stoke City’s Peter Crouch said as he voiced his frustration in relation to his lack of playing time.

Peter Crouch is the most underused forward in the team of Mark Hughes and the oldest one as well as he is 35 years old and just doesn’t seem to be capable to perform at the same level in comparison to his younger counterparts who are getting consistent playing time.

The contract of Peter Crouch with Stoke City extends for 12 more months but the English attacker clearly wants to end it sooner as his career has taken a dip with more time on the sidelines than anything else.

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