Peter Crouch – Trying hard for New Season

Peter Crouch kept a lot of patience throughout 2015-16 as the opportunities were significantly lesser for him in comparison to the past.

However, he is eager for more involvement in new season.

Crouch is a pragmatic person. He understands that the Potters are a team which have high ambitions and he is not the youngest or the best player they have. He is about to cross 35 now.

Therefore, he is not holding anyone responsible for forcefully keeping him out of reckoning. He himself accepts that he can’t feature in all the matches. But, in his view, the opportunities were too few in 2015-16 and they should not be as few as that this summer.

Crouch reckons he can have fifteen-twenty matches and if he has that many matches, he would eventually make the ton of Premiership goals he has been close to making for so long.

Crouch had ninety six Premiership goals ahead of previous summer and since, he has not been able to get himself on the score sheet at all in the last 12 months, the tally is still the same and the ton is still away.

According to Crouch, he would like to get to the ton in the Potters’ jersey as this club is the longest he has stayed at as a player.

Crouch had not stayed for more than three years at a club before coming to Stoke, but, at Stoke, his tenure is 5-year long now and is going on.

This is the pre-season time for everyone and while, most of the players don’t quite welcome it, Crouch says he approaches it with a high level of energy even after having nearly two decades in professional Football already.

The forward appears to be hungrier than ever.

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