Remi Garde believes whatever General Charles Krulak said is good

Remi Garde believes whatever General Charles Krulak has said, it’s because he is hugely passionate about Aston Villa.

In an animated interview the previous evening, Krulak, the countryman as well as the best mate of the Villa chairman Mr. Randy Lerner, emphasized that the situation has not gone out of hands for the Lions and they can avoid relegation if they battle as hard as marines.

Villa is right down at the bottom of the Premier League standings at the moment.

They have won just one game out of their 20 and many believe it’s virtually impossible for them to be able to get out of the bottom 3 now with less than half of the total no. of games left.

But, according to Krulak, there’s nothing like impossible in this world and the Villa players will have to back themselves to turn it around.

The General was quoted as saying, “Three back-to-back victories and it would turn around. You need to believe you can do it.”

“I saw far tougher situations in the battlefield. The Desert Storm scenario was absolutely horrifying, but, I never gave up. You can’t give up.”

“If you persist with your efforts and believe in yourself, it can happen. Nothing is impossible.”

Responding to these comments, Garde, who has been in charge of Villa for the last couple of months only, said, “I read what he said and I took it in a positive sense.”

“In the situation that we are in right now, everyone, who is passionate about the club, is keen to pass on a piece of advice to the manager and the General is doing nothing different.”

Aston Villa plays the next League game against Crystal Palace on 12th of January at home.

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