Will the Gunners bring home the Champions League?

Given how many football fans enjoy gambling – and sports betting in particular – it is likely that a lot of Gunners fans will be at least considering placing bets on their team to either win the Champions League or at least overcome Bayern Munich in the next round.

However, realistically (and probably not surprisingly for most Arsenal fans) you will get pretty long odds on them achieving either of these aims, with the Gunners currently rated around 11/5 to beat Bayern, and 33/1 to win the Champions League at many football betting sites.

Of the two options, Gunners fans wanting to show faith in their team by putting money on them at a bookies site would be better advised to bet on them beating Bayern than winning the trophy. The German side are favourites, but for this tie Arsenal at least represent a reasonable outside bet, rather than a flaky outside bet – which is what they are for the tournament as a whole. Unfortunately football supporting plays havoc with betting because the emotions involved cloud our judgement, which means that they might be better off playing at one of the online casinos instead of betting on their teams.

Of course it is the ability to combine the love of football and gambling that makes sports betting seem attractive, but nowadays an online casino sites offer football-themed slots like Soccer Safari which allow supporters to enjoy both activities without the love of one affecting their judgement of the other. This particular game features a group of animal football players (by which we mean lions and rhinos, not Joey Barton) competing in a sort of World Cup tournament in the African jungle. It offers a genuine, if quirky, football-based casino game, with a better chance of winning a payout than you would get betting on Arsenal for the Champions League.

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